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Welcome. But don't touch the Underworld food (don't say you weren't warned!) #100DoN
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So you guys know when the next updates will be coming? I love love this comic

Yes, we know.

Thanks, happy you like it <3

- eme




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hello friends.

hello friends.

do you know around how much each book will cost when its available in the store?

we’re still working with estimates but right about now it’s looking like around ten euros each. :)


So I'm taking Classical Mythology in college and I'm just SO EXCITed because I'm gonna learn ALL THE THINGS and then I'm gonna get ALL THE REFERENCES and so now I'm rereading the comic because FEELINGS and so yeah it's pretty cool, love you guys and love this comic loads :D

hfdsgkjsd that is so cool and i hope you enjoy your class!! mythology has so much to teach us and it’s just so telling of a lot of things and it’s great just absolutely great (i may be just a little biased in saying that lmfao) 




you can tell on which state the production of this comic was depending on the size of hades’ nose.

0316 - Cien Días de Noche

Acordaos de que la traduccion a castellano sigue rodando… ¡y la pagina de hoy es EXPLOSIVA!


Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

I feel like this is a dumb question so I'm sorry in advance, but I just stumbled across this blog and I was wondering where can it start the story from the very beginning? I'm having some trouble finding the starting point

Hey there!

You can read everything that happened so far on A Hundred Days of Night on our site. Additionally, here’s the masterpost with the recommended order of reading for the side comic strips Hope this helps!

- eme

0315 - Cien Días de Noche

La traduccion al castellano sigue rodando. ¡No os perdais las paginas nuevas en subcultura cada lunes y jueves!

Foto: Y seguimos explorando el Inframundo...

No te pierdas las nuevas páginas de Cien Días de Noche, !cada lunes y jueves en subcultura!


My interest in this comic has quickly spiraled from "Oh look, a new story about Hades and Persephone" to "Why? Why is the ART SO PERFECT? WHY ARE THE CHARACTERS SO PERFECT? WHY ARE THE LITTLE SNIPPETS OF BACKSTORY AND SIDE STORIES AND COMIC STRIPS SO FREAKING PERFECT?! (flops on ground and wails)" So yes, thank you both for being brilliant.

Thank YOU for reading us <3