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Welcome. But don't touch the Underworld food (don't say you weren't warned!) #100DoN
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Hi I don't mean to rush if you're doing it in waves or something but I supported the kick starter for the harpy reward. My friend who lives up the road from me ordered it later than me and has already received the pdf and hard copy but I haven't have either. I've been receiving campaign updates but heard nothing of this. Again no rush! :) just wanted to check

Hello there, 

Yes, we’re doing it in waves of 20-30, and we send the PDFs when the physical copy has already been mailed so we don’t lose track of anyone. We’ll continue sending all the rewards during the next two weeks, so you should receive yours soon. 

Thanks a lot for helping us!

- eme


Excuse me while I’m squealing…no I totally haven’t been awake for 14 hours just to read all the comic , than hunt down all extras and ficlets and mini-parts …no ..wasn’t me at all…but oh I am in love

Go and find a new obsession A Hundred Days of Night

Hello and welcome! We’re so happy you like it! The books will be available soon on our bigcartel store. You’ll know when because we won’t shut up about it :)


OC Commission! #Commission #Thanatos #100DoN


OC Commission! #Commission #Thanatos #100DoN

Not gonna lie. Now that I've been reading your comic, I've been waiting for the first days of autumn just so I can think of Persephone returning to Hades. GDI THEY'RE SO CUTE HOW DARE


they are pretty cute, aren’t they?

thank you!! ♥


Hi there, just wanted you to know that ever since I recently found your comic I've been flailing on my bed for hours over how amazingly adorable Hades and Persephone are together. Seriously, I might actually explode into candy sprinkles and tiny heart confetti from this. Thank you.

you’re welcome.


I'm so sad I only found your comic yesterday! I read it all like a fiend but I missed the IndieGoGo campaign. Will there be any other opportunities to buy the book? Please?!

Hey there! 

sorry anas i’m taking over the inbox while you sleep ilu bye The store is almost set and you’ll be able to buy the first two chapters if you want, both digital and physical copy :)

- eme





it’s september 23rd here, which means it’s finally autumn.

she’s referencing this, in case you missed it. because married inner jokes and dorky flirting. 

happy equinox from the underworld, everyone

I sent you an ask a while ago to see if the comic was coming back and I just really want to apologize. I didn't realize how many you must have been getting and I just can't express how sorry I am if I've added to any stress. I hope you guys are keeping busy and having fun! Do the world a favour and keep going with your art and writing even if it isn't necessarily on this site or for this comic. Love you and I look forward to the next page when you have the time to put it out. Hugs from Canada!

thanks non.

i think both eme and i can tell the difference when someone is asking out of concern and when someone is just asking because they feel like they’re entitled to seeing the continuation. i know it’s difficult to be patient. trust me, i’ve done my share of waiting to see how stories i love will turn out— but when i’m doing the waiting, i remember that i’m part of the audience, which means i can’t dictate to the artist or writer to do what i want. 

artists of all kinds are people as well, and bullshit happens in our lives. a webcomic i adore had to go on hiatus because one of the artists had a death in her family, and she still got messages about having to update and “OMG YOU’VE ABANDONED THIS I’M SO FUCKING PISSED :(” comments.

it was absolutely disgusting. don’t do that. i don’t like reiterating sob stories to garner myself some sympathy. the last year or so of my life has been one long nightmare. my friends and the characters i make with them are literally all that’s kept me stable and happy. i love sharing things with people. i love sharing things i create more than anything, and i want to give you updates, but sometimes i can’t go at the speed i’d like— or that the audience would like. 

so, yes, we can tell the difference. writing and drawing this comic is a way for us to relax and do something we enjoy. the longer we feel like it’s a chore instead of an activity we can’t engage in without being stressed, the longer it’s going to take to do anything. we already have enough to deal with w/o the constant questions about updates.

we respect the curiosity, and i think i speak for both of us when i say that i’ve answered any available questions to the best of my ability. all that’s left to do is wait. 

thank you for your patience and continued support. i hope to get back to 100DoN as soon as i can. 


A lot of people I've talked to refer to this as a 'former comic' now :(

okay, you know what

i’m flattered

i’m very flattered that people care so much about our comic, and i’m flattered that people are anticipating the continuation so much. we are too. i’ve written more of the next chapter. eme is working on the pages when she can. she’s rebuilt like half her house and renovated more than that. we’ve been busy all summer. i’ve been struggling with depression relapse, my family being continually fucking broke so please give me a break if i can’t sit down and write the next chapter in one go

we’re not getting paid to do this

we’re not asking for much

just please be patient. you’re not entitled to updates because you’re not paying for them. we’re happy you love this comic as much as you do. but if you loved it correctly you wouldn’t fucking hound us for updates because you’d understand we both have lives, and that lives aren’t easy things to handle.

i’m not going to respond to any more asks in tune to this. the updates are coming. that’s all you need to know.


omg. are you serious. we took the summer off. it’s been 3 months. do you usually read webcomics? do you know how long hiatus are sometimes? i’m tired of pulling this card, but we actually have lives and we don’t get paid for this, and we still try to manage to come up with things to update. +1 to everything my partner said. 

 - eme




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